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Crestron Zūm® Lighting control systems

Lighting control made easy. A modern lighting control system that covers all of your system requirements on a single platform.

Zūm Wired Solutions

Zūm Wired is a distributed lighting control system that uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX and phase control all merged on an enterprise IoT network, Zūm Net. This network not only provides communication and control of your lighting, but also seamlessly integrates with Crestron Unified Communications systems and  3rd party occupancy, environmental & acoustical sensors or other data related IoT devices.

Zūm Wireless Solutions

Zūm Wireless is a distributed lighting control system that uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX, and phase control and can be managed from a secure wireless 2.4 GHz network. Zūm Wireless systems are scalable from just a single room with two devices up to 32,000 devices, 1,000 rooms or spaces, and nearly six million square feet!

Zūm Hybrid Solutions

Zūm was engineered on a distributed architecture so that both Zūm Wired and Zūm Wireless products can be incorporated into a single system. Perhaps you need wireless interface elements like keypads or sensors because of room limitations like glass walls. Maybe you need to add wireless spaces into a wired system. It doesn’t matter. Zūm has a solution for virtually every situation.

Easy to Set up

All Zūm devices (wired or wireless) interface with the Zūm app which makes it easy to set up all room aspects and parameters including presets, lighting levels and optimized sensor settings. Spaces or rooms can be saved and used as templates for use in other spaces, which greatly reduces the time required to start up your systems.

Easy to Manage

With Zūm, building-wide lighting control is just as easy as in-room control. A single Zūm hub can manage systems with up to 32,000 devices over millions of square feet! The Zūm Hub provides master time clock schedules, demand response, BACnet communication Integration, device management (including battery life) as well as uplink connectivity to the Crestron XiO Cloud® IoT-based service.

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